Why She's Hunted

“I was framed!” Elsha exclaimed.
“O, we know tha’, but how’d it all happ’n?” Marli’s eyes shone expectantly.

“I was undercover, carrying my backpack because I had just left campus. I set it down at the library to check my email and picked it up when I left. I went to the Mental Illness hospital as part of my fake clinicals, flashing my badge at the receptionist. I checked my bag and went about my day.
I didn’t know it was the wrong bag. The hospital blew up! They have me, on camera, carrying in the bomb. I got out, but left before they ran my alias and found me out.
On the news, I saw my face, and the word ‘terrorist’. I chatted to Joe and Alex and Chris that I had to go, now, and signed off.
The employer I worked undercover for is now looking for me, hiring out the best of the best from all over the world.
And since I broke into the warehouse last night, they know right where to look. I was careless. But we needed food! You have been so supportive, believing in me, in my innocence.”

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