Look through the dark

“I did not hear anyone enter. I wasn’t listening to blaring music too, so I could not have missed anyone entering. Should I ask if anyon’e there? Or should I try and figure it out myself?”.
These were the chain of thoughts running while I was standing in a room, pitch dark. It was one of the huge rooms, in the mansion I had recently inherited. Due to a major power failure, and this heavenly mansion being in the countryside, I had no option but to wait till power was restored.
“I think I should try and figure out which room this is. That would definitely help me in deciding if there is some intruder here. Is this my bedroom. Yes, the windows are towards the east for the sunlight to pour in, in the mornings. Oh, then that’s nothing but my teddy bear. I left on my bed, I’m sure.”
How I heaved a sigh of relief. But it wasn’t long before I realized, that my closet wasn’t to the left of the window.
“No, its the dining room. Its the dining table, and the chairs. There is a dark figure on one of the chairs!”

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