Try to Begin What You Started...

“It started like this, see.”
“Like wot?” Babs asked, she hadn’t seen anything yet.
“Gimme a chance,” Ted said. “You’ll see in just a minute.”
“Oh, right.” Babs nodded. “So what we gonna see?”
Ted sighed, pushed his glasses up his nose and then lowered them so he peer at her over the frames.
“You want to see it or don’t ya?” he asked.
“Well, we won’t see anything if you do that dozy glasses thing, will we?”
“That’s as putting you in your place,” Ted hmphed.
Babs reached down and felt the chair she was in. “Well, that’s daft too. I’m already sitting in my place. ‘Ere, you sure you’re alright. You have been out in the sun a lot lately.”
Ted shook his head sadly and presented the biggest diamond she’d ever seen, along with his jeweller’s hammer.
“Harry fainted when he saw that?” She looked at the comatose form in the corner.
“Well, it started like this,” Ted hit the diamond with his hammer.
The head flew off and struck Babs mid-forehead, she slumped unconscious to the table.
“And that’s how it ended, see.”

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