Out of Pain

Mary was in for a treat. Up until now her only problem was getting the attention of lively Pete. Doughnuts now seem to take that lonely pain away. They were warm, sweet and filled the void with bliss. She would be forty pounds overweight in two months and willing to fuck Danny at the doughnuts shop for first pick. Things would get really ugly once Danny didn’t want to fuck fat Mary, and kicks her out of the shop. Danny would have to pay.

Pete’s new found obsession with the occult leads him into neo gothic fantasy, driving him further from sweet Mary. He had memories of his father in the basement. The windows outside were covered in cobwebs and a white film that had bled down from the cheap metal frame, but Pete once braved his sleeve across the window, revealing something in the shadows. The obscure memory would drive the lively Pete from the dark backseat.

A love story? Real pain isn’t resolved with “I love you”, real pain persists. And now sweet, fat Mary and lively, obsessed Pete would taste it.

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