Light Sleeper

I’m a light sleeper. The nut tree provided the only shade for us to rest under during the hottest part of the day. I was lightly dozing beside some really noisy snorers. My body was resting, but the noise kept my mind awake and my senses alert.

I heard some stirring, and thought nothing of it at first, that maybe some of my fellows were turning another shoulder to the sun. But then one of them whispered near me, “It’s Him!”

I opened my eyes. Something about the awe and excitement in their voice told me not to dismiss this whisper as sleep-talking. I saw movement headed away from the tree, so I sat up.

There stood an angel, though wingless. It was lit up like a vision, and grasped the hands of my joyful compatriots. My heart leapt in joy and fear. “Wait!” my mind screamed, though whether I said it aloud I do not know. I ran.

I barely missed my chance to dance with the angel, almost missed the open door to the other realm. But I am a light sleeper.

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