Lost Soul

I just didn’t know who I was anymore.

It all started when I began talking to Jesse West. His views of the world were so twisted, unique and yet logical. He talked about universal love and what was important in life wasn’t settling for anything. It was so strange to my views of the life I wanted, house, kids, career, husband, money, vacations, careers. I had based my going to college, getting this job, and marrying this man on these specific desires.

Then I met Jesse. He shared his exotic views and I laughed them off. He shared how his near-death experience made him re-evaluate life and how he was living it now.

I think I wanted some of that. But it meant I had to change. I had to stop pursuing perfection, let down my knotted hair, let some things go. And I wasn’t myself. It felt good at first to skip work one day, try to steal my husband and go to the park for lunch.

But he refused. He frowned and argued. He didn’t like the new me.

Now I am trapped between the two. Which one is true?

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