The Mysterious Call.

Hal stormed from his hotel, eying his watch. “Christ I’m going to be late!”
His cell phone chirped. “Ya, I’m on my way goddamnit,”
He pushed the ‘Answer’ button,
“Ya, hello?”
“Mr. Kurtz?”
“Mr. Hal Kurtz,”
“Yes, who is this please?”
The line crackled as the woman on the other side introduced, “My name is Agent Felicia Campbell,”
“From the FBI, agent?”
“Yes, that’s correct. We’d like you to remain where you are. We have agents en route to pick you up.” the agent said.
“What? No. You can’t, I’m not in New York, Ms. Campbell, I’m in Seattle on business and I’m actually running late for a very important investor’s meeting,” Hal spied his Rolex: 9:06am. “Jesus,” he thumbed his temple.
Investors meeting?
Or sit tight for the FBI?
A dark SUV rounded the corner, blue flashing lights flickering in the front windshield.
“I think they’ve just arrived,”
“Please do as they say,” Campbell said, "I will see you in 20 minutes.
“What’s this about?” Hal threw his hands up.
“We believe we may have found your daughter,”

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