The End

The frame rattled as Gus kicked at the door. He could hear yelling from the other side of the door but blocked it out – concentrating on the door. The sharp rap of his booted foot on the door rang in the hallway again and again. The door frame finally broke with a sharp crack. The door flew open with another kick and in three strides Gus was in the room and at the foot of the bed.

Across the room Scott was trying to squeeze out the window.

An eternity seemed to pass as Gus raised his weapon and fired. The first shot missed Scott and ripped a chunk out of the wall. The second shot caught Scott in the back and tore through his lung. Blood splattered across the wall. The third shot hit Scott’s spine and shattered bone. Blood and gore covered the window. The fourth shot burst through Scott’s arm and shattered the window.

Gus took three more steps and fired three more times as Scott’s body slumped to the floor.

Blood sprayed up as Gus fired again and again and again into Scott.

It was over.

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