Mistress P

Even though spiders always held a silky place in Phyllis’ heart, their teachings never really made sense – or for that matter entered into her conciousness – until her divorce. He was a heavy drinker, Rum mostly – the golden wife beater she grimaced at the thought – and the consequences were severe. But as the relief of solitude washed over her, she resolved never to be a victim again.

A phone call to a friend, another to make an appointment, a couple of fittings and a month later she was the ecstatic owner of a burgundy corset with black lace trim. A garter belt, stockings and shiny black wedges with red ribbons completed the look. The spiders’ teachings were quickly supplemented with some downloaded manuals – especially rope and knot tying videos. The Lair was in business.

She did not have to wait long for her first client. Word of mouth spread quickly. And soon she had all but forgotten her ex, until he arrived, inebriated as usual, at her door.

Only one problem remained: where to hide his limp body.

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