Step One of The Plan (ElshaMightyMess #13)

“Oh, to what do I owe the pleasure of my two hottest babes on my doorstep?” Marco greeted them at the door reeking of marijuana. Funny how he became more eloquent when stoned.
“We’ve got a business proposal.” April fronted. The two strutted in, hips swaying. They seated themselves on the couch, each taking the offered drinks.
“So what’s the deal?” Marco smiled and leaned back on the couch between the ladies, arms around them both.
“We shoot together, girl on girl or threesome. For double the pay.” Marco’s eyebrows shot up.
“Come on, you know we got it!” Jessica cooed.
“I bet I can outdo her any day!” bragged April. She leaned over Marco to kiss Jessica.
“Ladies! Now, I’ll have to think this over..”
“Here, have another drink.” Jessica poured, “But think of all the money two hot girls will make, wider audiences, more publicity.” She jumped in April’s lap. Marco took another drink.

Finally, Marco passed out drunk. Jessica whipped out her cell. “It’s go time.” click

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