All Your Reasons

“I don’t think they’ve done a full-on Shawshank Redemption number for something they just kinda want, the question is what is it in the building that they actually want?”

“Some of the brightest minds in the area work or go to school in this building. If I understand correctly, and the library basically acts as a Beowulf cluster of human minds, giving theirs a serious upgrade might be one of their goals.” James offered.

“Bro, you’re overthinking it again, why would they go through all this trouble to grab them on campus when they could just pull an evac stunt like they seem so fond of doing?” Sera sighed.

“Point. If they could empty a whole neighborhood in Oak Park, they could get everyone out of here. Hell, most of the students wouldn’t question any excuse that gets them out of class for a day. That leaves us at square one, though, trying to figure out what we do now.” James murmured grimly.

“If the Marauders come back we’ll be caught flatfooted. What we do now is call for reinforcements.” Lisa answered.

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