Step Two of The Plan (ElshaMightyMess #14)

Headlights flashed across the front windows. Jessica’s cousin Harley was let in and led to the personal computer of Marco.
“This guy’s got some crazy shit on here.”
“But you can hack it right?” Jessica sounded nervous.
“Yeah, sure, easy peasy. Just give me a moment, and the account number…. now.”
April rattled off the account number she had opened in her name only at a bank her husband never used.

“There! 75 Gs all for you!”
“Thanks Harley, you’re the best!”
“Just remember me when things cool down, and watch yourselves. Get far from here and fast.”
“Why? I mean, we are going to the islands, but what do you mean, watch ourselves?”
“There’s a connection to this computer I don’t think I’ve quite severed. Someone is tagging along and they have just encountered some technical difficulties, but they will come looking.”

The three of them trashed the apartment hastily, making it look like a robbery, stealing a camera and some junk.
Harley stole some food, “What? A geek has to eat!” and they fled into the night.

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