EMO: I Think I Love Her Continued...

“Aiden!” She yelled again, Her voice kept changing from her melodic voice to a scratchy old women’s voice. I jolted up from my desk and fell onto the floor. I wiped my forehead there were beads of sweat dripping from it. “Thank you Mr. Black for rejoining us.” I sat back on my stool and took a few slow deep breaths. She started playing the movie from where she paused it and I forced myself to stay awake. The bell rang and I jumped from my desk, I headed to my last class of the day, Men’s Choir. Kari was heading on her way to band she was swinging her trumpet as she skipped into the band room. Carter came up next to me.
“Hey man what’s up? I heard you flipped out in Bio.”
“I think I’m in love with Kari…I don’t know how to tell you this man but she just makes my heart soar with her smile and whenever she talks she makes me dumbfounded. I love her man, but she’s my best friend.” I said as my cheeks started to burn.
“Dude, just tell her it’s better to let her know how you feel. It’s better if she knows.”

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