EMO: Football Friday!

The screams of fans, enemies, and band geeks mixed in enthusiastic bliss. The cheerleader cheers pumped up the crowd as we played the fight song. The football team came running through the band tunnel. They ran so close to us i was afraid that I was going to be trampled. Once the game had started and pregame was done we headed to our stands. They were painted a royal blue-ish and a gold. Once we were all in the stands we all started dancing around and being obnoxious like usual. I sat at the end of the trumpet row next to the fan stands, Aiden and Carter sat next to me on the other side of the fence. We started the game of by playing some stand tunes and cheered our team to victory. We were up by two touchdowns by the end of the second quarter.
We left our stands and headed onto the field the opposing team marched onto the field as we all took a knee. After they marched to the side lines, we stood and marched onto the field. We started playing our first song, thriller. Halfway through we stopped and danced.

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