Begin What You Finish

Leon picked up the plate and brought it into the kitchen. He looked around and turned the stove on. He took the toast and carefully scraped the butter off it. It was warm and he almost burned his fingers as he placed the two perfectly brown slices into the slots. Automatically they dropped down with an audible click, and the heating elements turned on.

He picked the eggs up off the plate with a spatula and placed them into the frying pan. The yolks had that milky colored coating on them that let him know they were just done. He placed a cover on the frying pan and waited for a minute or so, then lifted the cover off. The change in the eggs was clearly visible. The whites had a translucent sheen to them and the yolks sat there like two yellow eyes looking at him. He replaced the cover.

He pulled up on the handle and two slices of white bread emerged from the slots. He put them into the bag with the other slices of bread.

He removed the pan cover and carefully put the eggs back into their shells.

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