Thanks for the Memory

“But what kind of reinforcements?” James asked. “Whatever they’re after might make all the difference.”

“And how do you suggest we find that out?” Lisa asked.

“Well, I dunno, these guys are, like, walking computers, rift?” James asked. “So maybe they could Google it?”

Lisa had just opened her mouth to reply when Fur tapped her on the shoulder. She glanced at him, then grinned. “As usual, my pard is way ahead of all of us.” She fished a rectangle of transparent plastic out of a pocket and shook it. It lit up and started displaying data.

“What is it?” James asked.

“Our oracle has been running the possibilities for the last few minutes,” Lisa reported, her eyes flicking back and forth over the text. “It seems to think the Marauders would be interested in the presentation tomorrow on a new holo-storage technique that could theoretically double storage in the same amount of space.”

“Or cut the size of personality storage cubes in half,” Sera said.

Lisa nodded. “Exactly.”

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