The first time he saw her, he knew that she should be the one.

She was a bit on the young side, but mature enough. Her walk had a bit of a skip to it, and she seemed to flit around like a small bird in that flower shop. They don’t make ’em like that anymore, he told himself. Can’t lose my nerve now.

For weeks, he concentrated on his task. He had to make her know him before he tried to approach her in person. He had read about techniques like this, but had no idea if they really worked. There was no way to know, except to try, and to keep trying, every night until he made a breakthrough. He opened the spellbook in front of him and began to read.

Night after night he sent his visions to her, never sure if they were reaching her slumbering soul, but knowing that this was his only chance. Finally, he knew he had succeeded, when, in his own mind, she looked him directly in the eye, uncomfortable, but in recognition.

He rested on that final night, peaceful at last..

Tomorrow, he thought, it begins.

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