Mother Nature

She shifted uncomfortably in her chair, eyes darting nervously around the room. Her bare feet were curled protectively under her, and she nervously bit at her pinkie.
The fluorescent bulb above her buzzed steadily. A light addled moth found its way into her hair, and earned a swipe from her free hand. She clawed another particularly large specimen from her face, ripping and crushing its body in the process. It gave a final twitch in her grasp.
She vomited into her lap. Tears welled in her eyes, and bile rose again in her throat. Mysterious pink liquid and chunks of something orange and squishy seeped into her dress. Another moth bumbled into her face, settling on her soiled lap. It was joined by another. With a look of horror, her lap was soon filled with dust colored wings, fluttering slightly in anticipation. She vomited again. Crimson. They ascended in a flurry to the glow above, speckled with pink, orange and red. Through tears, she admired the riotous colors of all the newly minted butterflies.

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