Closer To God

Just because it’s my fault doesn’t mean I’m the only one who has to, or should, pay. We’re all prone to occasional bouts of imperfection; of sin. As the man once said, “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

All of us are burdened with the true nature of sin: our humanity. It digs at us, through us, in us, until we are unable, unwilling to fight. Incapable of outlasting the struggle. Human nature implores us to relinquish the binds of morality, and give in to what is natural: our instinctual sin.

I have embraced my humanity, my envy. For this, I have lost everything, everyone. Because of him, of Steve.

Killing him has not brought my life back to me. Heather, my girlfriend, is still gone. Friends… family… they’ve not returned. They won— can’t return. All I have left is my humanity. And sin.

His death did, however, open my eyes to the greater truth; to the reason I’ve come to you; for you. In all my years of listening to your sermons Father, I’ve never been closer to your God than I am now.

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