Becoming Sophia (36)

“Well, Louis? What could be so confidential?” Adelind inquired loudly, knowing that her daughters would be listening at the door.

“Prince Charmant has been ordered by the king to give up his disgraceful frivolities—I’m sure you know all about what I speak of,” Louis said.

“Oh yes, but Charmant’s sodomy is rarely something that warrants such discretion,” Adelind pointed out.

“Ah yes, however, it is because of this that the king has told him he must take a wife. His twenty first birthday is approaching, it’s about time that he were married.” Louis grinned at the gasp that came from Margarete. Adelind was much better at hiding her emotion and simply arched one eyebrow.

“And what would his future have to do with your presence here?” she inquired smoothly.

“The king is throwing the prince a birthday party and he is inviting every eligible woman in the kingdom. The prince has until midnight that night to choose his bride,” Louis smirked. “And guess whose name I happened to see at the top of the list…”

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