Quick Thinking

They both gave me questioning looks.

“Search him.” one said.

Just then one of their cellphones rang.

“Huh…? How…. I’ll be right there.” my captor barked into the phone.
“Watch the kid, the bitch escaped.” he said grinning.
“Don’t you dare call her a bitch!” I screamed at him.

He walked up to me grinning, he then struck me with his pistol and ordered the other man to handcuff me to a pipe.

After I regained my sight, I looked over to see one of my captors sitting smoking a cigarette reading a magazine. I looked for means of escape. I looked up at the pipe above me and noticed a knob. I needed to get him to come over to me.

“Hey i’m gonna use my tracking device and call the F.B.I.” I said.

He got up slowly and walked over toward me as he did I managed to break the knob which unleashed a powerful burst of hot steam onto his face. He screamed in pain as he repelled I tripped him over my legs and he fell onto the group dead. I managed to get his key ring and began to struggle to free myself.

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