On The Hunt

I freed myself from my shackles, took the gun from my captors body. I was now out for blood. I turned out into the long hallway and proceeded down the hall listening closely to doors as I passed for any sound of my family. The lights went dim, so dim that I couldn’t make out my hands in front of me. I leaned against the wall and breathed hard. That’s when I heard coughing. The lights came back on as I stared at the door in front of me.

I kicked it open, gun pointed forward and moved into the room. There was Markie in a chair with a knife to his throat and my father on the floor.

“Your going to drop the knife.” I said to his captor.
“Why would I do that.” he said pressing while tears rolled down Markie’s face.
“You won’t have a chance to hurt him before I blow your brains out. If you haven’t noticed, i’m alot better at holding a gun than you think and I can kill you in one shot.” I replied in a serious tone.
“You have no way out.” I said to him stating my dominant power in the situation.

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