I hadn’t seen him in at least a year and a half but there I was at his door, taking a deep breath and preparing to knock. He had moved three hours away and I had no idea what he looked like or even what I was going to say to him. I had no idea if my feelings for him would come back.

But as soon as he opened up the door and said my name I fell into his arms. That hug was the beginning of something that I did not yet know what was. We wasted no time catching up. We walked in the park and went out to dinner. We chatted constantly over the course of the entire weekend. I lied and told myself that we were only friends.

Only after I had come back home and had a talk with my best friend did I realize my true feelings. I just needed someone who knew me better than myself to tell me what I was really thinking. She was right. This was definitely more than a friendship.

What I didn’t know was how to bring up the subject. We had dated in the past but it was over now. Would he still feel the same way?

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