Broken Hearted Girl

She stared unbelievingly at the lips which had just ripped her heart out her chest. The said heart was currently lodged in her throat, she heard it pulse and it made her unable to reply.. She wished she could run away. Away from expectations and away from him.
Away from those awful words he spoke.
He was so flippant, and that made the comment so much more hurtful.
She thought she had a chance. She knew he didn’t like her as much as she liked him. She used to tell herself “with time he’ll realise how great I am, that I’m more than a friend. That I’ve been there all along, that’s what always happens.”
She attempted a bitingly satirical laugh. “Yeah.” She thought. “Always happens… in the movies.”
Plastering a smile, she made up some sort of reply. Her mind was still stuck on his comment, she couldn’t remember what she had said. His words replayed in her head.
“I’ve liked Julia for months. I thought everyone knew? Gosh, who else would I like? The only other girl is you and we both know THAT will never happen.”

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