You Girls Are In For a Hiding

Violet kicked in a burst of speed, accelerating so quickly that it was all Rae could do to keep from falling off. “Vi!” she screamed.

“Sorry!” said Violet, not entirely sincerely. She zoomed up the street faster and faster, weaving around cars and pedestrian traffic. Wow! She didn’t know what kind of engine she had, but it sure wasn’t a 49cc.

The sedans did their best to keep up, but they were too big to take advantage of the gaps in traffic Violet and Rae could slip through. Finally, they screamed around a corner, breaking line of sight.

“Quick! Into that alley!” Rae gave the handlebars a yank to the right. Violet deftly swerved in between the two buildings and came to a halt behind a big metal Dumpster.

“Now what?”

“Um…the Dumpster and the buildings should shield us from scans,” Rae said. “But just in case…power down. I’ll turn you back on again when it’s safe.”

“Hey, wait just a minute!” Violet said. “I don’t want to—”

Rae rolled her eyes. “Command override. Power down.”

Everything went black.

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