The wind blows, knocking my hood back causing me to think, just for a second, of turning around and heading home. It is as if the wind is beckoning me back. I shake my head, ridding my mind of the thought as I pull my hood back up. I take a few more steps out until I reach the side of the building. I begin to lift my leg onto the ledge and the vision hits me. The flashback is to the hospital. I am sitting on the single chair in front of the doctor’s desk, my parents on the couch to the left. I feel as though I am really there, standing in the corner watching the scene as it plays out before me. The doctor sitting behind the desk refusing to look any us in the eye throughout the entire conversation. All he does is stare down at the x-ray copies he has on his desk. We never actually saw them, I remember now. Although, I remember the entire conversation we had word for word, in this memory now all I see are the mouths moving – but no sound.

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