I wipe the tears from my eyes with the sleeve of my sweatshirt. With my left foot resting on the ledge, I step up with my right. My whole body trembles, I do not dare to look down at the bright world below me. Instead I concentrate on the quiet world in front of me. I am here and I am ready, there is no turning back. My mind is set, my life has lost all meaning to me and soon it will end all together. I try to move but my body is as stiff as a board. One good breeze is all I need to put me off balance, leaving me nothing to do but fall. I will fall down, calm and relaxed, and die instantly on impact with the ground. All my pain will fade and all the worries of my parents will disappear. My friends will soon forget me, for there is not much to remember, and it will be like I was never born.


I stand here, on the edge, nearly four stories high, inching my way forward. My arms hang locked to my sides, frozen in place.

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