I imagine the headlines. One word will line the top of the article, the one word that my parents will mutter questionably and sadly for the rest of their lives. Suicide. I mouth the word out, unable to find my voice. But this is all it takes, this one word, to send fear crawling through my body, starting in my stomach and reaching its arms throughout my body. I stare straight out into the night sky, trying to regain my control. My body is shaking hard and it is at this point that I realize I do not want to jump. I do not want to die because of this. My eyes overflow with tears and a car horn from below breaks the silence of my tears, ripping right through my concentration, throwing me off balance. My knees buckle, my arms fly, my eyes shut, my feet slip from below me, and my heart skips a beat.
I feel my body smash against the ground, the air rushes from my lungs and my head snaps back. I lay there for some moments, waiting for the life to slowly leave me and then, die.

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