I open my eyes and up above me I see the sky, plain and black. Silence is all around me, and no one is rushing to my side to help. Maybe I am already dead. I attempt to move, and with little pain I sit up. I look around me, thinking I am in heaven, to find myself still on the roof of the building. I had fallen back onto the roof, I was safe and alive. This, surprisingly, filled me with joy, a joy I had not felt since my visit to the hospital. A smile breaks across my face and I erupt in laughter. I take a deep breath, close my eyes and lay there on the ground. I realize then that dieing because of cancer was not God’s fault. God was there all along, in the wind, trying to stop me, and in the end he did. After almost dieing I realize now that fighting was better than giving up and that what I want most is to win. If I only have three more days to live, than I will live them with my family and friends surrounding me. And with these thoughts in mind I get up and walk home, my hood down, smiling into the wind.

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