Common Sense Fails Again

My common sense kept telling me, Don’t do anything drastic, today just can’t handle a huge change.

Aw, c’mon, temptation suavely said, what’s the harm in trying a new kind of coffee? It’s just a different flavor, nothing huge.

That made sense. Instead of my usual black with sugar I ordered something with a name which should’ve been illegal for me to try & pronounce that early in the morning.

As I sat down and lifted the cup to my lips, I could’ve sworn the foam smiled devilishly at me. Ah, you’re just not awake yet, I thought, brushing off concern & taking a sip.

I swallowed, & the world around me collapsed. It was as if somebody sucked the coffee shop into some giant vaccuum, leaving me & my impish coffee behind. I took a good look around; I looked & felt fine, but my surroundings resembled a giant abstract mural. Except for one detail: a tall, svelte woman stood about ten feet before me, examining me expectantly.

She smiled calmly at me. “So, what do you think of the new dimension?” she asked.

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