Puih Ponders Precipitation

It looks like rain, thought Puih. “Tut, tut, it looks like rain,” Puih said to himself. The clouds were as dark as a swarm of angry honeybees, and Puih didn’t know where he’d put his umbrella. “Oh bother,” he muttered, “perhaps I left it at Peeglyt’s house?”

Puih looked around his untidy cottage, then gave a shrug and left for Peeglyt’s house. The Hundred Acres Woods were murky and quiet. Puih didn’t see any of his friends about. He passed Eyeor’s house of sticks, but didn’t spot Eyeor’s tail sticking out. Outside Owl’s treehouse, Pooh looked up to see the storm.

Through the green canopy above, and darkness loomed. One of the clouds was shaped like a heffalump. “Oh dear, oh dear!” Puih jumped and hurried along, not wanting heffalumps of any nature to spot him.

The rain was beginning to drip when Puih rapped at Peeglyt’s door. “H..helloo? Who’s there?” came Peeglyt’s voice from within.

“It is I, Puih Bear,” Puih replied. “Have you got my umbrella, Peeglyt?”

“Oh!” squeaked Peeglyt, and the door opened.

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