Elouise Whispering:The Biography of the Greatest Band Ever Intro

Elouise Whispering (EW, for short) has become one of the greatest bands ever to walk the Earth. No lie. But, just like most bands, Elouise Whispering had to start from the very bottom to get to the very top. EW is based on substance, and substance comes from your band members, and their overall “deepness” and passion for the art of music, and art.

Luckily, Elouise Whispering was founded by the two deepest men in the whole wide world. One came from the United States of America, the other from the heart of England. The two met at an Allewyshus Funke (a now defunct Spanish electronika-emo quartet)concert in Madrid. But before we talk about the two boys as a whole, you must know about their separate, opposite lives.

Because, to understand the true Elouise Whispering, you must first understand the true Casper Mockingbird and Ringling Brown.

Enter Elouise Whispering

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