The road was deserted at four in the morning. The apartments loomed at the end of a long dark road, and I could see her car parked in front of one of the buildings. I pulled up beside it, not sure if I should beep or get out and look for her. A moment later she appeared in the doorway, slumped on the arm of some artsy looking guy with a ring in his nose.
“Horry!” she yelled, crackling afterwards.
“ Nicholas.” The artsy guy said. “Nic”
“Horatio.” I replied, shaking his hand briefly.
“ Nic’s and art student. N-I-C” She said, “He takes pictures. He takes the most beautiful pictures..”
“She’s been drinking all night.” Nic, N-I-C, said.
“Great.” I said, “Thanks for taking good care of her.”
“Hey man, I figured she could handle herself.” He said, “She’s not my deal.”
“Yeah.” She said, looking from me to him, “ I can handle my own deal.”
“Let’s get in the car".
“Let me say good night to Nic first!” she said, turning to face him. “Good night Nic."
“Good night Darling. He said, “Call you in the evening.”

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