Still Drunk

She kept her hands across her face for the majority of the ride. When we got to the house I carried her up the stairs, into the bathroom, and placed her carefully in the tub.

I ran the water warm and helped her out of most of her clothes. The rising sun was turning the room gray, and her bright green eyes were shining just above the water.

“Hey.” She said, coming up for air, “This is sort of romantic.”

I helped her to her feet and wrapped her in a towel. We took baby steps out of the bathroom and into her room, where she finally made it onto her bed. The sheets were all askew, and an open bottle of nail polish had spilled a little on her pillow. I rolled her on her stomach and pulled the blankets up around her.
“ I was cold.” She said, and I smiled back for lack of any idea how to reply.

In a few moments she was gone, passed out in some awesome rock and roll dream world . And I lay down next to her, running my fingers down her naked back and wondering how I let her get so far away.

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