Blind Date

Sweeper’s first shot hit Chert in the groin and several large bolts and bits fell off.

“I think you got his nuts,” Jiana said as the wounded mech put a hand down there to try and hold his legs together, failed miserably and fell forwards, pulling himself towards me with huge hands.

A loud splat came from the stolen maurader, I turned to see one of the junkoids had thrown a goopy oil full of shiny bits of metal over it.

“Sensor chaff!” Sweeper panicked. “I can’t see!”

Oh, great! Just what I needed, blind robots.

“Stop peeking at me then,” Jiana scolded.

Even more fun, paranoid blind robots.

“Not. Peeking, looking at your rear…”

“Don’t you even dare…”

“…sensor array.”

“Hmmph,” Jiana said haughtily. "If you’re going to molest a girl at least you could do it with style.

“Hey, guys,” I dodged another one ton blow from a very large fist. “I could use a hand.”

“Sorry Strake,” Sweeper fired, and Chert’s hand fell off, nearly landing on my head.

“Typical,” Jiana said, “A girl has to save you all.”

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