Breath (a dream)

Regina slowly shuffled past the older initiates to her appointed place to the right of the candelabrum. They were standing on the left, each dressed in a white robe with a hood hiding most of their features. Only the lit, white candle each one was holding, glimmered ghostly shadows across their stern countenances.

Regina was the only one wearing her hood down, her golden locks spilling over her shoulders. Her candle was unlit and she was the only one who stood to the right of the candelabrum.

She took her place and attempted to light her candle on the rightmost candle only to find that these were not burning either. Disappointed she turned and blinked. A thought flashed through her how does one begin to breathe? And when her eyes opened again her candle was burning as brightly as those of her sisters.

As the procession started, the eldest turned and flicked Regina’s hood over her head and quickly tucked the last curls away. Her wink said “Welcome sister”. The three candles burst into flame as she passed.

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