Retainer to Repose

Eschatronic, a major arms research and manufacture facility just outside the city. Armed with only a katana, I wait in the shadows for the guards to change shifts.

Yes, I was responsible for the attacks on the Gruinard Corporation and Pandeo Technologies. I fight against those who would further the cause of preemptive destruction. Weapons that are intended to threaten rather than defend.

Jules told me, “Takehiko, you’re going to get yourself killed doing this,” and I think he may be right. The wraps on my left arm remind me that I am indeed mortal. But what meager cost is my life compared to the countless others I may save? My parents grew up dealing with the consequences of dropping a large weapon on an unsuspecting populace. I’m here to ensure that my nephews and nieces don’t.

“Who’s there?” calls out from the guard station.

My body freezes as my heart accelerates. Two guards have their guns pointed in my vicinity. Radio chatter echoes through the silent night air.

Hand on my katana, I prepare myself.

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