It's Been Awhile

“How’d it go?” Jason asked, looking hopeful.

“It’s hard to say. We don’t know if what’s keeping her from communicating in her real body is something that’ll interfere with her being able to communicate in her new one when we get her into a new one.” she replied.

“You mean you can’t communicate with her as is?” he asked, confused.

“I should be able to talk to her in a way now, but she’s been cut off from contact for so long she probably can barely remember how to talk period. I could try to find out, go digging through the simulation of her brain trying to find out what’s wrong but that would mean all her memories, all that she is, would be open to me.” Star explained hesitantly.

“Which would be a hell of an invasion of privacy,” Jason finished the sentence for her. “But it might be the only way we could make this work.”

“It’s up to you, how far we take this. This is your sister we’re talking about, you’re the only one to make those decisions.” Star said, feeling far too much like the nurse with the cord.

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