EMO: Third Quarter Confessions

After our show, we headed to the stands. I got into my large blue duffel bag and grabbed out a twenty. Carter and Aiden met me at the bottom of the steps. I smiled as Aiden’s gorgeous eyes flashed when he saw me.
“Hey cutie.” He said jokingly. I smiled and flushed red. I jumped down the stairs and met them at the bottom. We raced to the concession stand dodging and diving through people. Aiden won by a few seconds diving into the long line saving Carter and I a spot. I ordered my usual, a Mountain Dew and nachos with cheese. We stood next to the bleachers next to the concession stand. A nasally voice yelled over to us.
“Carter!” It was Abry, she’s a wanna-be. She’s always copying my style every single time I try something different. Aiden gave me a look and him and I walked away. We started walking down to the band stands. Aiden grabbed my arm and pulled me next to him.
“Hey Kari, there’s something I need you to know.” What is it?" I asked worried.
“I like you a lot, I always have.” I leaped into his arms.

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