EMO: The Truth is Out!

Happiness and joy coursed through my veins, I felt like fainting, nah that would over do it. I hugged him as tight as I could scared that if I let go he’d leave me forever.
“I’ve liked you to Addi.” I smiled so wide that i thought my face was going to rip apart from happiness. As my excitment raced through me i turned and saw the time ticking away, and like cinderella I ran away before midnight, ok well before the end of the minute.
I got back to the stands with seconds to spare. The rest of the game the only thing I could think of was Aiden. When I looked over to where they were sitting before, they weren’t there an old couple sat there cheering for their quarterback grandson. I wiped out my cell phone and quickly texted Carter where they were.
Carter: Idk where he is but I left. txt him n find out
Addi. whr r u dude? I waited for what seemed like eternity, then I finally got his response. I had to drive Carter home. idk what his deal is. ill meet u @ hs “TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!” The announcer yelled. We won.

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