Pledge Dive

“Reach into your phone and pledge right now!” buzzed the feed from the International Public RSS feed.

Jules ignored the plea, while he surfed the different web connections. They were always asking for a donation. Just a couple of giga-euros and we’ll be able to continue provide you with news, chats, and video feeds the commercial feeds charge peta-euros for!

Jules thought, as if. Plenty of suckers out there will make tera-euros of pledges, forgetting that IPRSS was mostly funded by the government and the same commercial concerns that they claim to be competing against.

He found the feed he was looking for. It was a pirate feed that didn’t have a address on any of the backbone DNS servers. You had to look for it and find it as it hid on the nets. They had the real news of what was happening in the world today. None of this recycled pablum IPRSS or the commercial feeds provided.

He logged in, transfered 20 mega-euros for access and dipped deep into the feed.

Somewhere, a corporate account increased a bit.

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