All Over

It was over, all over. Tears streamed unchecked down my cheeks. But to my surprise I didn’t want to go in the ambulance with Richard. I wanted to run.

I didn’t want to be a part of the secrets, lies, and deception my husband had crafted. I didn’t want to go into my house and see the cheery, perfect paint because it was all spoiled now. I could never look at the life I had with the same rose-colored glasses.

“Do you want to go?” an EMT asked. I shook my head. A kevlar vested man stood near me.

“You know, that was a crazy stunt you pulled, but rather brave. Most people would have stayed with their family instead of escape when they could.”

“I’m a coward.” I scowled at the air in front of me.
“No, you did what you had to do, and you did it well. You lived.”

His words were strangely soothing, empowering even. I could do this. I could leave. I had them drop me off at my sister’s. “I’m leaving Harold,” I announced to her astonished face.

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