Vince Sings

Dotty, the drummer, launched into the opening solo as Vince began to sing.

Vince stared into the mic, the band puzzled that he had stopped.

“What happened?” Tony asked.

“Let’s try it again.”

Little Vince’s voice was eerily mature as he began to sing. He hit notes few singers could. A powerful force transformed him into something otherworldly, and the band was amazed.

They didn’t think of him as a boy now that he was making music, but not a man either. Something strange, new and amazing connected directly into the brains of those within earshot. The band played better too — they didn’t want to stop.

When the song ended, Tony looked over at Danny nodding his head. “You’re in, kid,” Tony said. “Cancel the rest of the tryouts. We’ve got a new singer! We got us one hell of a new singer!”

“Well,” Danny said, plucking a cigar from the front pocket of his tux. “Can you catch a flight to London with us today and sign a contract?”

“I don’t know,” Vince responded. “I’ll have to ask my Mother first.”

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