Fire It Up?

“Great, that’ll make it even MORE of a pain in the ass to take out the controller without taking out the entire ’mech.” Sera grumbled.

“With that kind of storage density increase, you’re talking about a geometric increase in the productivity from their library,” James said, looking thoughtful. “You know, we may not need reinforcements so soon after all.”

“You’re suggesting that we go up against a whole Marauder task force on our own?” Lisa raised an eyebrow.

“No, we just need to think outside the box a bit,” he replied. “I interned here, remember? This building was built for engineering originally, and although the computer network cables are newer, most of the cable for power is still old. Students called the place Burns Hall because we were expecting the place to catch fire, and they do drills all the time. If the building were to catch fire TODAY, say from wiring damage from the recent construction…” James trailed off.

“Bro, I like the way your twisted little mind works.” Sera said, grinning ferally.

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