Deep Space Boredom

Out beyond the solar system lies the Deep Space Comm Relay One Station. The stations main purpose was to maintain the communications network. It was staffed by two organics and a robot. The job was simple, push a big red button every 2 hours, hence the need for a robot.

One day Engineer Ross was sitting at the main console monitoring high priority frequencies, “Oh yeah, GOAL!!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

Engineer Reen yelled from the kitchen area, “Who scored?”

Ross said, “The Kantarian Scraddlers, your team ain’t doing so well.”

Reen, “My people were never very talented on open feilds.”

Intelligence Unit 456, or Hawking as he liked to be called was the stations robot, he had a strong opinion, on everything, “Have you two been monitoring the radar to see if anything will hit us today.”

Ross, “Nothing ever enters this sector we’re too…”

Reen, “What? What is it?”

Ross, “It’s a large object getting closer. It’s Florsians.”

Their faces went stern and cold.

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