Broken Wings

Forever has come and gone and now she is left with the agony of existing without him.

With him she was whole. Her face glowed whenever they were together, whenever she talked about him or whenever someone cared to mention his name. Her eyes shone and her smile blazed. She wore her hair natural, because he said he liked it best that way, and she wore her favorite clothes, because she felt the best in them. She was happy, more than happy, she was jubilant.

He, well he was perfect – in every way. He made her laugh and he made her smile. He infuriated her and made her cry, but every tear was worth it. His face, his body – they were perfect too. He gave her some of the best times in her life.

They said all the things that young couples do, though unlike some they really meant it, with every fiber of their being. They spoke of the future, of forever, without a doubt that it would not be.

During her forever, her heart had wings. Since then her forever had ended. So tell me…how do you fly with broken wings?

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