Miss Independent

“I think,” Aunt Mary had her a familiar tone. “It’s time you had kids.”

“Your kids are old enough to reproduce,” I said. She glared at me. “Just ‘cause I’m 10 years older doesn’t mean I’ll be first.”

“Right!” My little brother held my wrist up in mock championship. “The award,” he imitated a boxing referee, “for Most Independent goes to Mandi.”

I’d have killed him, but there were witnesses. He’s Mom’s favorite and she’d turn my ass in. My only option was acceptance. I grabbed a bottle of beer from his unwilling hand, took a generous swig and said, “I accept this on behalf of all the single relatives who’ve gone before and those who’ll follow.” I swigged again. “But it wouldn’t be possible without Henry, Jack, and Chris who didn’t return my calls. And Shawn who stood me up at the fancy restaurant, leaving me by myself for an hour. Thanks Lou for realizing you’re gay- 2 weeks before the wedding. And Eric for having a kid with my best friend.” I finished the beer. “And my loving family for all the support.”

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