The Epitome of Virtual Technology, and What to Do About It

“So…y-y-you mean that Mephisto’s…” I let my voice trail off.

“Mephisto is the epitome of virtual technology,” Acrylic furthered. “One hundred twelve floors up, an isolated AI core controls remote units via a Catbox feed.”

I was confused. “Catbox?”

Something went ding; Acrylic reached under the table and produced a cup of coffee, offering it to me. I accepted. He similarly got one for himself (black, two sugars) and, after a long, drawn-out sip, went on. “Catbox feeds are secure, narrow beams that are composed of very few photons. Because of quantum physics, they are amazingly secure.” He sipped again. “From what I’ve gathered, the Mephisto system is currently in a trial mode—one remotely-operated android drone designed specifically to blend in with the crowd.” He tweaked one of the fittings on his scalp. “In light of recent successes, however…”

“Successes like me,” I interjected.

He nodded. “…the program is being expanded next Friday.” He leaned in towards me. “We must strike before that happens.”

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