An Awkward Lunch

“This may come as a surprise to you,” I looked around the table at my new co-workers. I need alcohol. I sipped a little bit of the wine. Not strong enough. “I’d really rather forget the whole thing.”

“Donna?” My new boss, Nancy raised an eyebrow.

“In college – that is – during my undergraduate years – I was part of a sorority.” There was a general gasp from the whole table. “I know. It’s completely different – from this life – from this job.” I took a gulp of fresh air, not wanting to admit that it got worse.

“You were an undergrad,” Megan said softly. “We all did – strange things back then.”

“Not this strange,” Ann’s sarcastic tone bit through the silence. I knew she – and Nancy – would be the least understanding of the group. On the other hand, it wouldn’t surprise me if Rachel told the same story I was hoping to hide. Was it wrong to wish an asteroid would shoot through the ceiling and burst into flames so I could escape this humiliation?

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