Clowns? Likely Story!

“Hey, gerout of here, we don’t serve the likes o’ you!” The Barkeep yelled.
“But I’s a payin’ customer!”
“Oh come offit! You ain’t no money, you Bum!”
“Lookee here, I do so!”
“How’d you manage tha’? Steal it!?”
“Some clown gave me i’!”
“Some clown eh? Likely story.”
“Yeh, I woke up, and me liquor was gone! In it’s place, some quid. When I looked around, I spied balloons, all tied up tidy like!”
“Balloons? Oh balderdash!”
“Yellow and pink.”
“Well, where are they now?”
“Though’ they was, you know, effeminate..” The hobo looked down at his hands.
“Effeminate! That’s a big word for a paltry chap like yourself. And yellow and pink, well, that would match your skirt!” The bartender laughed, encouraging several patrons who had been silently eavesdropping to join in.
“I can take my bizness elsewhere!”
“Hey now, I was only ribbin’ you. What’ll it be?”
The hobo looked at the wrinkly bills, concentrating hard.
“You know wha’? This money wan’nit giv’n t’ me fer more booze…I think..I think I’m gonna clean up me act.”

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